Saturday, November 28, 2015

Alice in Wonderland classic celebrates 150 years (video)

For 150 years, Alice in Wonderland has delighted and inspired generations of children and adults.

Task 1

Task 2 

Watch the video again and answer the questions.
  1. What was Charles Dodgson's job at the time when he created Alice's story?
  2. Who did he take on a cruise in 1862?
  3. What is the pen name he used when he published his book?
  4. When was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland published?
  5. What is the title of its sequel?
  6. When was it published?
  7. What sort of things can you find in Alice's shop in Oxford?
  8. Which characters didn't exist in the original manuscript?
  9. How do some literary critics explain the timeless attraction of Alice's story?

Task 3

For full screen view click here.

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