Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Year in Review

How much do you know about the stories that made news in 2015? Test your memory of some of the year’s memorable moments with the following quizzes.

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Year in Review Quiz 2015 (The Globe and Mail)

2015 Major World Events

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Year in Review: 13 Biggest News Stories of 2015 (ABC News)

2015 Year in Review Slideshow: World News (infoplease.com)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Pink Panther in "Shocking Pink" (listening cloze test)

Pink tries to have a quiet afternoon interrupted by a voiceover (a person you cannot see) persuading him to try various do-it-yourself tasks.

  • If you accomplish something, you succeed in doing or completing something. e.g. The ​students accomplished the ​task in less than ten ​minutes.
  • When you are shiftless, you are lazy and not interested in anything. 
  • Something that is leaky has a ​hole or ​crack in it that ​allows ​liquid or ​gas to get through. e.g. a leaky boat/pipe.
  • A faucet (North American English) is a tap on a bath or sink.
  • An adjustment is a small change that improves something or makes it work better. e.g. She made some slight adjustments to the recipe.
  • When something, such as a pipe, is clogged, it has become blocked, so that nothing can get through. e.g. The sink was clogged by/with dirt and grease.
  • A temblor is a (somewhat formal) North American English word for an earthquake. 
  • A trunk is a large, strong box used for holding clothes or other things especially for traveling.
  • A blunderbuss is an old-fashioned kind of gun with a wide opening at the end. 

Watch the video and fill in the gaps in the extract. For full screen view, click here