Thursday, August 4, 2011

“Loose Verses and Twisted Logic”

A poem by Frank and inspired by Serene

Anything big or small will be fine
As long as it comes from your soul
Dimensions really aren’t important
Unless they help you achieve your goal.

Raindrops beating on a window pane
Can be seen in many different ways
Restriction for all those sun worshipers
And romance for those who love rainy days.

A leaf fluttering in a stiff breeze
Can be great inspiration for a poet
But it is only more work for a road sweeper
Even if he doesn’t yet know it.

Teachers are merely life’s great messengers
Passing on the lessons they have learned
Life’s flame of knowledge torch bearers
Giving back the knowledge for which they yearned.

The meaning of life varies for each of us
No two of us are exactly the same
We’re individual snowflakes in a blizzard
Just players in life’s great game.

Ageing is just a simple sign
That the wheel of time is slowing
It will soon be time to pass on the torch
Time for us to get going.

Death is life’s only certainty
Inevitable, final and permanent
The only ones who should fear it
Are the ones who aren’t so innocent.

So anything big or small was fine
Because it came from deep in my soul
Thank you dear, for the suggestions
They helped me achieve my goal.

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