Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dozens dead in Hong Kong ferry crash (Reuters video)

Oct. 2 - At least 36 people died and dozens more injured when a ferry sank near Hong Kong's Lamma island after a collision with another vessel. Sarah Charlton reports.

Watch the video and answer the questions.
  1. How many people was the ferry carrying?
  2. What company did it belong to?
  3. Who were the passengers?
  4. Where was the ferry taking them?
  5. Where was the second ship heading?
  6. What followed the collision?
  7. How many people were sent to hospital?
  8. Did the second boat continue its journey?
  9. Were any children among the people who died?
A vessel is a ship or large boat (formal). e.g. a fishing/sailing vessel
A maritime disaster is a disaster that happens at sea.
When you launch something, you begin something that requires much effort. e.g. The police have launched an investigation into his activities.
A mortuary is a place where the bodies of dead people are kept until they are buried or cremated

There is a video transcript here. 

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