Friday, May 1, 2015

Nepal: Miracle rescues of teenager and baby bring joy amid earthquake tragedy (video)

Before watching the video, read the comprehension questions and study the words in the vocabulary section below.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Where was the teenager found?
  2. How long had he been trapped in the ruins?
  3. How many hours after the earthquake was the baby found?
  4. What alerted the rescue teams to search for him?
  5. How many people have been affected by the earthquake?
  6. What dangers are the earthquake victims facing now?


  • Rubble are broken pieces of stone, brick, etc., from walls or buildings that have fallen. e.g. Rescue workers managed to pull two injured people out of the rubble.
  • When you assess something, you make a judgment about it. e.g. After the hurricane, officials assessed  the town's need for aid.
  • When you alert someone, you give them important information about a possible problem, danger, etc., you warn them. e.g. Several neighbors alerted  the authorities/police when they noticed strangers acting suspiciously.
  • A rural area is an area in the countryside. e.g. She lives in a rural  area.
  • When you scramble for something, you try very hard to get it before someone else does. e.g. Both players scrambled  for the ball. 

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