Thursday, September 20, 2012

Steve Gustafson, Florida Grandfather, Wrestles With Alligator To Save Dog (video)

Sept. 19 - A grandfather wrestled a 130-pound alligator to save his beloved dog, the Orlando Sentinel reports. (Read more about this story here and here.)


Watch the video and answer the questions.
  1. What was the man doing when he heard his dog, Bounce, yelp (give a sudden cry of pain)?
  2. Where was the alligator taking her?
  3. What was the man's reaction?
  4. What did the gator do when the man pushed back towards the shore?
  5. What did the man do when the alligator snapped (tried to bite him) a second time?
  6. Why couldn't Bounce make it to the shore?
  7. Why did the man let the gator loose?
I was trimming the tree here in my back yard and I heard Bounce yelp and I looked down and the gator was taking her out into the pond and without thinking I just said "You're not gonna get her!" And I took off down the hill, did a belly flop onto the top of the alligator, got a hold of the alligator's back left leg, got her tail underneath my right arm, and then we were all under water but I was able to get my feet underneath me and since we were only in three feet of water, I just did a big push back towards the shore and when I did that, the gator let go of Bounce and came around and bit me, but he didn't hang on, he just snapped, and when he snapped a second time, I got him with his mouth closed, pushed his head down at the bottom of the pond and now I had his head at the bottom of the pond and his left leg in my left hand and I had the alligator. And so I'm yelling at Bounce to come in and she can't make it cause she's got water in her lungs and she's exhausted so I let the gator loose and the gator took off and I grabbed Bounce and came up here on the shore.

A Glimpse of Nature (6882602007).jpg

"A Glimpse of Nature (6882602007)" by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region - A Glimpse of Nature Uploaded by AlbertHerring. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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