Sunday, December 2, 2012

Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn’t a broken person (a TEDx Talk video)

Cross-country skier Janine Shepherd hoped for an Olympic medal -- until she was hit by a truck during a training bike ride. She shares a powerful story about the human potential for recovery. Her message: you are not your body, and giving up old dreams can allow new ones to soar.

Watch the video and answer the following questions.
If you wish to watch the video with English subtitles, click here.
  1. Where was Janine and what was she doing when the accident happened?
  2. How was she carried to hospital?
  3. When did the internal bleeding stop?
  4. Was the operation successful?
  5. Could Janine still go to the Olympics?
  6. Where was she transferred after she was out of intensive care?
  7. How many other people were there?
  8. What was amazing about their situation?
  9. Why did the nurse give them the plastic straws?
  10. How long did Janine stay in hospital?
  11. How did she feel after she got home?
  12. Why being next to Maria in the spinal ward had been a blessing for Janine?
  13. What was the creative project Janine was now about to start?
  14. Where did she get the idea of learning how to fly?
  15. What feeling did she experience on her first flight when the airplane took off and they were flying in the air?
  16. What did Janine achieve just under 18 months after she had left the hospital?
  17. What did she have to do before she was able to create a new life?
Alternatively, you can try the following quiz.

 Here is a worksheet based on this video.

Click here to download the worksheet.

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