Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lionel Messi and the ascent of Barca soccer (CBS video)

With stars like Lionel Messi and a youth academy bringing up the next generation of athletes, is Barcelona becoming the world's best soccer team? Bob Simon reports.
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Watch the video and answer the following questions. (Click the CC button if you wish to view the video with English subtitles.)
  1. What is football called in the USA? 
  2. What is the secret of Barcelona's success? 
  3. What team is Barca's main opponent? 
  4. What is a match between the two clubs called? 
  5. What is La Masia? 
  6. What is the Masia's new facility like? 
  7. What happens if a boy does not study enough and just likes to have a good time? 
  8. What is the Barca doctrine? 
  9. Why has the Masia been called a football factory? 
  10. How many members does FCB have? 
  11. How many competitions has Barca won in the last four years? 
  12. What record did Messi break last month? 
Now try the following quiz.

ionel Messi and the ascent of Barca soccer » Quiz School

Click here to download a worksheet about Lionel Messi.

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