Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bosnia and Serbia floods (video listening)

Residents face destroyed homes in Serbia's waterlogged Obrenovac

May 19 - Residents in Obrenovac, Serbia, examine the damage to their homes after devastating floods in the Balkans leave tens of thousands displaced and brace for more floodwaters. Mana Rabiee reports.



  • If an area is waterlogged, it is filled or soaked with water. e.g. They couldn't play because the pitch was waterlogged.
  • If you are bracing for something, you are getting ready for something difficult or unpleasant. e.g. The town is bracing for a busy tourist season.
  • When people are evacuated, they are moved from a place of danger to a safer place. e.g. During World War II, children were evacuated from London to the country.
  • Displacement is the act of forcing people or animals to leave the area where they live. e.g. The war has caused the displacement of thousands of people.
  • A swollen river contains more water than normal as a result of heavy rain. 

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